CIM 1000 Trowel Grade Cartridge + 1 Static Mixer


Note: This is an industrial grade product for commercial use only, SHIPPED ON TRUCK LINE ONLY. YOU WILL BE CONTACTED WITH ADDITIONAL FREIGHT CHARGES BEFORE CREDIT CARD IS CHARGED.   CIM 1000 Trowel Grade Cartridge Self mixing cartridge guns: quick and easy application, no mess.   CIM 1000 Trowel Grade is chemically thickened to allow applications where minimal sag is required. The product can be used as a crack filler or for application to vertical surfaces (at thicknesses up to 250 mils) and corner flashing. Recommended minimum thickness is 60 wet mils. Now available in a self-mixing cartridge. In addition to 4.5-gallon units and .8-gallon kits, CIM 1000TG comes packaged in a self-mixing cartridge system, comprising one 750ml tube of premix and one 100 ml tube of activator. Instant mixing. CIM 1000TG can be dispensed via a hand, air, or battery-powered caulking gun. Upon release, the activator mixes in correct proportion with the premix as it moves through the static tube. The cartridges are ideal for small applications such as penetrations, joints, cracks and many other repairs where waterproofing or chemical containment are required. Partially used cartridges can be stored and reused. 10-to-1 dispensing guns are available from a variety of suppliers, including: Cox North America, Inc.   Cartridge Advantages
• Easy to use
• Reusable
• Ideal for test patches
• Stops roof leaks
• Great for crack repair
• Use to make cant beads
• Use for repairs to existing CIM
• Potable water approved
A tough, thick elastomeric coating able
to bridge cracks and bond to dissimilar