3MVHB G11 Architectual Clading / Panel Tape – 1″ x .045″ x 108′

Prod. Code: 3MG11F1

3MVHB G11 1/2 x .045 x 108

3Mtrade; VHB™ Architectural Panel Tapes are durable, high performance doublesided pressure sensitive acrylic foam tapes. These tapes have been used for many applications in the construction industry, including the manufacture of architectural panels for curtain walls, exterior building cladding and interior panel and trim attachment. In many situations, 3Mtrade; VHB™ Architectural Panel Tapes can replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives, sealants and other permanent fasteners and provide immediate handling strength during the fabrication process. HB G90 1 x .090 x 108