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The following are questions from visitors of Google searches and submitted questions.

  1. What is bond breaker tape?
    • Bond breaker tape is a polyethylene film tape used to prevent three point adhesion in joints to shallow for a backer rod.
  2. Can polyurethane sealant be painted?
    • Yes, polyurethane sealant are typically paintable. You should always check with the sealant manufactures specification to verify on painting instructions.
    • Note that while Polyurethane and Latex sealant are paintable, if any joint movement takes place the paint will split, creating an unsightly sealant joint. Sealant Engineering recommends the use a sealant color to match the desired color
  3. Can silicone sealant be painted?
    • Silicone sealant can not be painted with common acrylic, latex and oil  paints. Silicone sealant can be painted with the silicone based paint "Dow Corning AllGuard", please call for more information regarding Dow Corning AllGuard silicone paint.
  4. What temperature can sealant be applied at?
  5. What is the difference between bulk, sausages and cartridges?
    • Bulk is sealant pulled from pails, recommended for commercial production caulking
    • Sausages are 20 oz sausage packages, recommended for commercial and residential contractors. Typically more cost effective then cartridges and cleaner and easier to use then bulk. There is also less waste and less clean up.
    • Cartridges are 10-11 oz cartridges, recommended for all.
  6. What sealant should I use in my bathroom?
    • For bathrooms and kitchens we recommend using a acetoxy silicone with anti fungal agent, such as Dow Cornings Tub Tile Ceramic or Dow Corning 786.

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