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glaze lock interlocking horse shoe shims

Glazelock Interlocking Horse Shoe Shims
Interlocking Shims - Traditional wood shim products have long been used in the building industry and present a variety of limitations - rotting, shrinking and swelling as well as others. Invented by a window installer to simplify the use of multiple shim applications in window installations, Glazelock Shims reduce material and labor costs and provide a secure and stable solution to your shimming needs. Thickness - 1/4" black, 1/8" red - 1/16" blue
Glazelock Stackable(rip away) horse shoe shims
GLazelock Stackables - These shims will simplify the use of multiple shims in window installations.  Snap off the individual shims and get the size you need for the job - made of high impact polystyrene. 
Long stacks 5-1/8 overall, 1/16" stacked 1" high.  4-1/8" (5/8", 1/2", 1/2", 1/2", 2") x 1-7/8. 
Short stacks 4-5/8" overall, 1/16" stacked 1" high.  3-1/2" (1/2", 1/2", 1/2", 2") x 1-7/8.

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