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dow corning 790 spec info

Dow Corning 790 Ultra Low Modulus Silicone Sealant - Extreme movement capability (+100%/- 50%).  20 year life.  Ideal for concrete.  More Information 

dow corning 795 silicone sealant specification Dow Corning 795 Silicone Structural and Weatherseal Sealant - All purpose silicone structural glazing capable, 20 year life, +50%/-50% movement capability.   More Information 
Dow Corning 791 silicone sealant specification Dow Corning 791 - All purpose curtain wall sealant +50%/-50% movement capability 20 year life.  Excellent adhesion to kynar painted, anodized and coated glass finishes.   More Information
Dow corning 995 silicone sealant specification Dow Corning 995 - High tensile strength structural glazing product for hurricane resistant and security glazing.  Also available in pails.  More Information  
dow corning 999a acetoxy silicone specification Dow Corning - 999A - All purpose acetoxy sealant for clear applications. 10 year manufactures warranty. More Information  
dow corning 756 silicone sealant specification Dow Corning 756SMS - Single component, non-staining, non-bleeding clean sealant technology for sealing marble and other sensitive masonry substrates.   More Information  
Dow Corning CCS contractors concrete sealant speciication Dow Corning  CCS -  Low cost, no frills substitute for 790.  Ideal for precast in cast-in-place concrete.   More Information  
Dow Corning CWS contractors weather proofing silicone sealant spec Dow Corning CWS - Low cost, no frills substitute for 795 and 791.  Limited warranty non-structural applications only.  More Information  

Dow Corning 983 - Multi-component structural glazing silicone for utilize curtainwall fabrication and structural glazing.  (Photo not available)  More Information  









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