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Pecora Dynatrol 1 - XL Ureatheane Sealant-  20 Oz. Sausage

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Dynatrol™ I-XL is intended for use in
expansion and control joints in precast
panels, tilt-up walls, metal curtain walls,
copings, window and door perimeters,
panel bedding and glazing details.
Field-test is required and user must
determine suitability. Paintable after 7
• Lighter colors may exhibit discoloration
after extensive UV exposure.
• Light colors can yellow slightly if
exposed to direct gas fired heating
elements prior to formation of initial
Applicable Standards: Meets Federal
Specification TT-S-00230C,Type II, Class A
and ASTM C-920 Type S, Grade NS, Class
25, Use NT,M,A,G and O. U.S.D.A.
acceptance for use in meat and poultry
Joint Design: The width of the joint
should be a minimum of four (4) times the
anticipated movement.The width or depth
of the joint should not be less than 1/4”
(6 mm). In joints up to 3/8” (9 mm) wide,
the depth of the sealant should be equal
to the width. In joints wider than 3/8”
(9 mm), but not exceeding 1-1/4” (31mm),
the depth should be maintained at 3/8”
(9 mm). For joints wider than 1-1/4”
(31 mm), please consult Technical Services.
Surface Preparation: Joint surfaces and
backer rod must be dry and free of all
contaminants such as oil, grease, wax, dust,
corrosion, tar, asphalt, loose aggregate,
frost, form-release agents and decorative
and protective coatings. Precast panels
using form release agents other than
polyethylene film must be sandblasted or
mechanically abraded and blown or
brushed dust free.Glass, metal and other
nonporous surfaces must be free of any
coatings and wiped clean with solvent.
Priming: Never a substitute for proper
surface preparation, priming is not
required on glass or anodized aluminum
and usually not necessary on most other
common building materials. However,
varieties of brick, natural stone, plastics,
paints, coatings and other treatments of
surfaces often present difficult substrates
to which to adhere. Due to the number
and unpredictable nature of these
substrates, a field or laboratory test is
recommended to determine the adhesion
of Dynatrol™ I-XL with or without primer.
When priming is indicated, P-75 or P-150
should be used on porous substrates and
P-120 on nonporous substrates subject to
applicable VOC regulations or consult
Pecora Corporation
165 Wambold Road
Harleysville, PA 19438
Phone: 215-723-6051
Fax: 215-721-0286
Dynatrol™ I-XL is a moisture-curing,
single-component non-sag polyurethane
sealant. It is designed to maintain an effective
bond and seal between materials of
similar and dissimilar surfaces, porosities
and coefficients of expansion.
Limitations: Dynatrol™ I-XL should not
be used:
• as a cap, heel or toe bead in certain
glazing installations with high performance
glass or plastic.
• in joints less than 1/4” (6 mm) in depth.
• in joints where contact may be made
with polysulfide sealants.
• in areas exposed to harsh chemicals.
• on certain architectural paints and
finishes without laboratory or field
• in horizontal joints subject to vehicular
traffic unless protected by a wearing
• Although Dynatrol™ I-XL is considered
a paintable sealant, due to variability in
paint products and their raw materials,
installation conditions, installation techniques,
as well as primers, it is required
that the contractor who applies paint,
pretest paint on sealant to determine
suitability. Contractor is responsible for
test as well as results. Oil based paints
can exhibit a slow/non-curing condition.
• 10 fl. oz. (300 ml) cartridges
• 20 fl. oz. (592 ml) sausages
• 5-gallon (18.9 L) pails (special order)
• Black, Limestone,Aluminum Stone,
White, Off-White, Bronze,Tan, Beige,
Natural Stone, Classic Bronze and
Anodized Aluminum.
Since Pecora architectural sealants are applied to varied substrates under diverse environmental conditions and construction situations it is recommended that substrate testing be conducted prior to application.
DynaTrol™ I-XL
General Purpose Polyurethane Sealant
at 77°F (25°C), 50% RH
Test Property Value Test Procedure
100% Modulus (psi) 65 ASTM D412-75
Adhesion-in-Peel (pli) 20 ASTM C920
Bond Durability-Class 25 Passes ASTM C920
Hardness, Shore A (15-50) 35 ASTM C920
Service Temperature Range -20°F to +180°F
(-29°C to 82°C)
Stain and Color Change Passes ASTM C920
Tack Free Time (hrs) 6-12 hrs ASTM C679
Tensile Strength (psi) 175 ASTM D412-75
Ultimate Elongation (%) 550 ASTM D412-75
Weep and Sag (max 3/16”) Passes ASTM C920
Weight loss after heat aging (max 10%) Passes ASTM C920
VOC (g/L) <100 ASTM D3960
P E O P L E • P R O D U C T S • P E R F O R M A N C E
Technical Services. Never use P-75 or
P-150 on nonporous substrates.
Dynatrol™ I-XL should be applied within
eight hours after priming; otherwise, it will
be necessary to reprime.
Because architectural stones such as
marble and granite vary considerably in
porosity, some bleeding of the sealant into
the substrate is a possibility.A field or
laboratory test to confirm this possibility is
Pecora offers complimentary adhesion and
stain testing in its laboratory on actual field
samples of substrate from the jobsite or
on representative samples from the same
lots. Contact Technical Services for details.
Joint Backing: Backer rod controls the
depth of the sealant and allows it to be
applied under pressure. Use a size that will
compress 25%.
Denver Foam open-cell polyurethane or
reticulated (soft) polyethylene rod is
recommended. Closed-cell polyethylene
may be used but care must be taken not
to puncture the rod which can cause
outgassing or bubbling/blistering in the
In joints too shallow for backer rod, use a
polyethylene bond-breaker tape to prevent
three-sided adhesion.
Application: Joints should be masked to
ensure a neat appearance. Sealant should
be applied in a continuous operation using
sufficient pressure to fill the joint and make
complete contact to the joint sides.Tool
the sealant slightly concave using solvent or
dry-tooling techniques. Do not tool with
soap or detergent and water solutions.
Tool Time (initial skin): 3-6 hours at
77°F (25°C); 50% relative humidity Higher
temperatures and/or humidity will shorten
this time.
Cleaning: Use mineral spirits to remove
excess sealant before it cures and to clean
equipment. Refer to manufacturers MSDS.
Storage Life: One-Part urethanes are
extremely moisture and heat sensitive.
Dynatrol™ I-XL has a warranted shelf life
of twelve months from date of shipment
from the factory when stored in original
unopened cartridges or sausages at conditions
not exceeding 80°F (27°C), 50% R.H.
Consistently higher temperatures and/or
humidity will shorten this shelf life. No
shelf life is warranted on bulk packages of
Dynatrol™ I-XL.
Precautions: Contains diisocyanates.
Contact with uncured sealant, with vapors
generated during curing, or with dust
formed from cured sealant may cause eye,
skin, or respiratory tract irritation or allergic
reaction. Do not breathe fumes, dusts,
vapors or mist. Keep container closed. Use
only with adequate ventilation or wear an
appropriate NIOSH-approved respirator.
Harmful if swallowed. Do not swallow or
take internally. Do not get in eyes, on skin,
or on clothing.Wash thoroughly after handling.
Keep away from heat, sparks and
flame. Repeated contact may, without
symptoms, increase susceptibility of these
effects. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet
(MSDS) for more information.
Pecora products are available from
stocking distributors nationwide. For
the name and telephone number of
your nearest representative, call the
number below or visit our website at
Pecora Corporation warrants its products
to be free of defects. Under this warranty,
we will provide, at no charge, replacement
materials for, or refund the purchase price
of, any product proven to be defective
when installed in accordance with our
published recommendations and in
application considered by us as suitable for
this product.The determination of eligibility
for this warranty, or the choice of remedy
available under this warranty, shall be
made in our sole discretion and any decisions
made by Pecora Corporation shall
be final.This warranty is in lieu of any and
all other warranties, expressed or implied,
and in no case will Pecora be liable for
incidental or consequential damages.
If the sealant is damaged and the bond is
intact, cut out the damaged area and
recaulk. No primer is required. If the bond
has been affected, remove the sealant,
clean and prepare the joint in accordance
with the instructions under
Pecora representatives are available to
assist you in selecting an appropriate
product and to provide on-site application
instructions or to conduct jobsite
inspections. For further assistance call our
Technical Service Department at
• Sweet's Catalog File:www. sweets. com
• General Building
- 07100 Waterproofing
- 07920 Sealants
• Civil Engineering
- 07100 Waterproofing
165 Wambold Road, Harleysville, PA 19438
Phone: 800-523-6688 • 215-723-6051 • FAX: 215-721-0286
Specification Data Sheet
Issued to: Pecora Corporation
Product: Dynatrol I-XL Polyurethane
Rubber Sealant
C719: Pass ____ Ext:+25% Comp:-25%
Substrate: Primed Mortar, unprimed
aluminum and glass substrates
[mortar substrates primed with Pecora P-75 Primer]
C661: Rating 30
Validation Date: 3/24/08 - 3/23/13
No. 308-DIXL313
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